Getting repairs done when renting privately

  • Getting Repairs Done
    Your landlord is responsible for most major repairs to your home if you rent privately. This includes:

    the structure of the property, for example walls, roof, windows and doors
    sinks, baths, toilets
    pipes and wiring
    heating and hot water, for example the boiler
    the safety of gas and electrical appliances
    You’ll be responsible for minor repairs, for example changing fuses and light bulbs. You’ll also have to fix anything you’ve damaged. You won’t be responsible for repairing damage caused by other people, for example vandalism.

    If your home is damp, your landlord might not be responsible. It depends on what type of damp it is – and what caused it. Write to your landlord as soon as you notice a problem. You could be held responsible if it gets worse. It’s best to put it in writing – send it to your landlord and keep a copy yourself.

    If your landlord’s responsible for the repairs, they should do them in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. What counts as reasonable depends on the problem. For example, a broken boiler should be fixed sooner than a leaky tap.

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